Environmental services for Fishermen and Fish Farmers

Our officers can advise you on new fishing and fish farming opportunities, responsible fishing and farming practices and implementing an environmental management system.

For Fishermen

We can assist you to meet environmental legislative requirements, implement best practices that minimise your fishing effort’s impact on the environment, and obtain product certification that will give you greater access to the market.

For Fish Farmers

Fish farming requires a pristine environment to produce excellent, safe seafood. Our services will assist you to operate in an environmentally friendly fashion, in co-operation with other users of the marine environment.

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For Seafood Processors

Learn how we can work with your company to achieve efficiencies through the Green Seafood Business Programme

Fisheries Management Chart

Download the 2018 Fisheries Management Chart (pdf 9,064Kb) 

Includes information on the increased scope of the landing obligation and de minimis exemptions.