Wild capture fish labelling

We provide internationally accredited product certification and labelling for wild capture fisheries, as well as help with external certification programmes, giving you greater access to domestic and export markets.

Responsibly Sourced Standard

BIM’s Responsibly Sourced Standard is a product certification system assuring that catches have been fished responsibly, are of the highest quality and are traceable. Qualifying vessels and onshore operators can display BIM's Quality Seafood Programme logo on their product or provide a copy of their certificate to indicate the product's compliance with the Standard.

The standard will give you access to the market where fishery-specific certification, such as MSC certification, may not be possible.

The BIM team will guide you through the process of achieving Responsibly Sourced Standard certification.

We can also help specifically with fish handling best practices in order to assure that your products are of highest quality.

Find out about our funding for achieving standards for wild capture fisheries 

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification demonstrates that you support sustainable fishing and will give you greater access to the sustainable foods market of the main retailers.

We provide support to wild fishing operators in applying for or maintaining MSC certification, through:

  • Technical review of the principles of the MSC assessment
  • Assistance with documentation that demonstrates compliance with MSC requirements
  • Assistance with Product Traceability and Audit requirements for the MSC Chain of Custody requirements 

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