Organic Assurance Labelling Schemes

The BIM Irish Quality Organic standard is a further development of the existing Quality Standard, and assists the industry to differentiate their product in the market place as organic labelled through our independently accredited EN45011/ISO-65 quality assurance schemes.

EU organic logoWe can assist you in getting certified so you can use the quality approved organic logo (in addition to the EU organic logo) and help your products stand out in the market place.

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Organic Standard for Salmon

Irish Organic Assurance LogoIreland is a leader in organic salmon, accounting for 83% of total annual salmon production - demonstrating the potential of organic farming in the marketplace.

Specific requirements for organic salmon production include;

  • Diet containing organic and natural ingredients free from GMO’s
  • Protection of fish welfare and promotion of fish health with low stocking densities of less than 10KG/M³
  • The use of feed from sustainable sources
  • The use of natural over synthetic products and processes
  • A respect of nature, the environment and a commitment to recycling, reuse and recovery
  • Maintenance of a healthy and sustainable aquatic ecosystem

To inquire about the scheme contact BIM’s Finfish Quality Officer Vera Heffernan.

Organic Standard for Mussels

As mussels access their feed naturally from the marine environment, the organic requirements are centred on environmental friendly management practises.

  • Sustainable management plan following the principles of organic production
  • Appropriate waste management planning
  • Responsible sourcing of seed from sustainable stock
  • Respect for nature and biodiversity
  • Removal of bio-fouling only by hand or physical means

To inquire about the scheme contact BIM’S Shellfish Quality Officer Vicky Lyons.

Vicky Lyons
Vicky Lyons
Speak to me about: Shellfish Quality Schemes, Food Safety Management Systems, HACCP plans, oyster and mussel quality
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Vera Heffernan
Vera Flynn
Speak to me about: Finfish Quality Schemes, Food Safety Management Systems, HACCP plans, salmon and trout quality, organic salmon, and Protected Geographic Indicators
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