Seafood Training Scheme – Mid-Management Programme

Apply to join BIM’s Mid-Management Programme which is being delivered in partnership with Ibec

About the Programme

BIM’s Mid-Management Programme in partnership with Ibec offers a range of short course and accredited programmes suited to the needs of the seafood industry. The programme will be available online, where seafood industry participants will join a programme offering designed by Ibec with participants from non seafood industries.

The programme offers a series of management development courses to help develop skills, capabilities and resources to build resilience and associated skillset to better reconfigure organisations.

The courses will be offered in short course format over one and/or two days as an introduction. Subject to availability and relevant experience there will also be an option to progress to an accredited level programme over four and five days.

Current Programme offering

CourseLocationDurationStart DatesCourse Cost
Managing People Programme  Online 4 Days 17 September
01 October
05, 19 November
Managing People Skills  Online 4 Days 16 September
14 October
18 November
Project Management  Online 1 Day 21 September €340
Foundations in Management  Online 1 Day 07, 24 September
12 October
17 November
Diploma in Management  Online 12 Days 08, 15 October €2,690
Diploma in Leadership  Online 12 Days 14 October €2,960
Resolving Conflict  Online 2 Days 08 October
18 November
Peak Performance  Online 1 Day 15 September €340
Introducing Managers to Change  Online 1 Day 13 November €340
Critical Conversations  Online 1 Day 16 October €340
  • Course cost above relates to Mid Management Programme participation

Mid Management Programme Candidates

  • To be eligible for funding please submit a completed application to

Eligible Costs

  • Course fees

How to Apply

  1. Learn about the Seafood Training Scheme (pdf 1,197Kb)            
  2. Save the Mid Management Programme Application Form (pdf 2,025Kb)        to your computer
  3. Open the form from your computer and complete the form, saving the changes. Check the Filling in a PDF Form page for more details
  4. Email the completed application form to

Contact Us

To learn more about this programme, contact:

Pat O’Leary
Direct: +353 1 2144 214

For assistance with your grant application, contact:

Kathy Cullimore
Direct: +353 1 2144283